SEVIA USA and VTA join forces

Jul 12 2016
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Yesterday, the 11th July, Sevia USA announced it’s partnership with the Vapor Technology Association, (VTA) which is an organization promoting ”entrepreneurship, responsible public policies, and a high standard of safety for the vapor industry”, through representing its members, all contributors to the vaping industry whether their businesses are large or small.

High standards with safety as a priority

SEVIA USA was founded in January 2016, when over 100 ecig manufacturers met at a conference in China and committed to forming a partnership and alliance to fight the “unfair and burdensome FDA regulations”. The founders were always open to the idea of joining forces with other associations who share the same mission.

Amongst their objectives when founding SEVIA USA, founders Tony Liu, Danny Zhu, James Li  and Henry Chen, who are all vapor industry leaders in their own right, had in mind one priority, securing the “affordability and accessibility” of vaping products. Together with the other SEVIA members, they are aware of the high importance that having vaping products readily available holds for smokers who wish to transition to this “healthier alternative”, and strive to ensure that high standards are maintained at all times, prioritizing their safety.

Dimitris Agrafiotis, who is SEVIA USA’s Executive Director has stated that the organization is fully aware of what the consequences are if the FDA’s deeming regulations are not confronted, adding that like the VTA they recognize the importance of having a “legislative solution” applying firm standards in order to safeguard the vaping industry and its end users. Agrafiotis added, “VTA has the tools necessary to provide effective advocacy for our industry in the United States, and we are excited to support their efforts”.

Changing the conversation around vapor products

In parallel to the above, the VTA’s National Legislative Director, Tony Abboud has stated, “ VTA is committed fighting the irresponsible laws and regulations that threaten to endanger public health while changing the conversation around vapor products”. He concluded by pointing out that SEVIA USA stands for having in place “regulations that honor the innovative spirit on which this country thrives”, echoing what Agrafiotis said by adding that together they will combat Washington in order to preserve the vaping industry, whilst ensuring safety for it’s consumers.

More info: Sevia USA and VTA


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